A Holistic Approach to Hormone Health

for Men & Women Over 35

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We help women in menopause

who are frustrated with moderate to severe hormone problems.

You don't have to "just live with it." You no longer have to be ignored by your doctor when things don't feel right.

We help you feel better so you can have less fights and more hot nights.

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We help men with Low T

who are unhappy and lost their mojo.

You know there's something off and you don't have to "just deal with it." You don't have to be told by your doctor that everything's normal.

We help you get your mojo back - so you can feel like yourself again.

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Why people trust MedStudio®

"I feel so much better!!! What an impact!"
It is so reassuring to know there is a true medical reason for how I have been feeling during this up and down stage of my life. I wonder how women managed before there was MedStudio. =)
Because if you stop coming you realize fairly quickly you must RETURN! You know the power of the benefits both mentally and physically when your husband tells you “Whatever it takes go back to MedStudio. Without it you are not the best version of yourself. Moody, tired and well ‘once a month’ is not awesome for me.” So grateful to have a safe place to feel myself again, regain balance, and have a healthy marriage. 
Great staff! The improvement in so many of my peri/menopause symptom has been amazing.
Guys getting GAINSWave® treatments at MedStudio is a no brainer! Stop wasting $$ buying online pills and potions that never work. Admit you have ED and call MedStudio and attack the cause of your ED! Think about it – when your engine doesn’t start you clean the spark plug and pour in fresh gas. It works every time! Guys, trust the lovely, talented & friendly ladies of MedStudio to get you fueled with real supplements & treatments that work. I had positive results after the 1st visit!
The amazing ladies of MedStudio have changed my life! I came to MedStudio to try GAINSWave® and have had excellent results from the first treatment. My nurse practitioner developed a very specific plan of pellets, supplements, and diet changes to improve my health. The results are amazing! I’ve lost 45 pounds of flab around my waistline in 7 months! I retained my muscle mass, melted away that visceral fat and at 54 have my biceps and 6-pack abs again. ? Its like going back in time 20 years and seeing myself in the mirror. My wife luv’s the new me! ? MedStudio rocks!
I’m not a number – the staff knows me and cares about my well-being.
MedStudio has helped me understand so many things about this thing called menopause – HA! I am not alone & they are a great source of information & support!
I have gotten a lot of help with my E.D. and low sex drive issues. Staff is very helpful and responsive, much more than my regular doctors have been. 
The girls are great. Everyone is very helpful & friendly. Coming to MedStudio is the best thing I have ever done for myself. 
The people are very friendly and genuine.
Makes me feel better. Better sex.
Kind. Helpful. Knowledgeable.
J. C.**
D. M.**
They help me feel my best!
J. K.**
MedStudio cares about my health and well being.
C. D.**

Real People, Real Stories,
Real Change.

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Get the help you need.

More and more people can't get the hormone help they deserve through traditional medicine.

MedStudio® focuses on natural & conservative approaches based in medical science and rooted in functional medicine.


To create a common sense treatment plan just for you because we believe the body was built to heal.

So you can feel better, stay healthy & love life again.

More than 10,000 treatments completed. More than 1,000 relationships saved. More than 5,000 lives changed.